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  • In an activity articulated by the public and private sector, the project “Valparaíso, Puerto de Musicas” was presented at the Extension Center of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage. Its purpose is to apply to the Creative Cities Network of Unesco.  

  The event was attended by different authorities and personalities of both public and private institutions, in addition to representatives of the music sector of the city of Valparaíso, and the musical presentation of Los Cracks del Puerto. In the activity, the project “Valparaíso, Puerto de Musicas” was announced, and its purpose is to use the city's musical potential for its sustainable development.  

After the announcement, one year ago, of the willingness to apply for Valparaíso to the Network of Creative Cities of Unesco, in its category of Musical City, a technical working table was formed by the Illustrious Municipality of Valparaíso, the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, the Corfo regional strategic program, Creative Valparaíso, and the Musical Industry Guild of the Valparaíso region, IMUVA. During these months in 2018, a diagnostic, participation and planning work has been carried out to present the application to Unesco in the first half of 2019.  

With regard to this matter, the mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, who was present at the activity, said that “Valparaíso is itself a musical city and that the application for Unesco has put all our efforts to achieve this nomination. And in this we must recognize the work of a series of guilds and unions, related to music production, which have been up to the challenge. We, as the City Council, have arranged everything necessary for Valparaíso to once again have a world-class category.’’. 

On the other hand, Constance Harvey, Seremi of the Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Valparaíso, highlights the initiative that is being carried out, “Music has been the protagonist of the development and identity of Valparaíso. With this project, we join forces between public and private institutions, civil society and artists, because we are convinced that arts and creativity should be at the center of the strategies of a city, we can define it as the epicenter of Chilean popular music ». 

In this way, it was also highlighted that the designation by Unesco, would give an economic boost to the city. Jorge Rosenthal, Manager of the regional strategic program of Corfo, Valparaíso Creativo, said that ‘’Promoting a new development model for the city, where the creative industry plays a fundamental role, is to bet on a design that puts the focus on creative services and along with it, the articulation of different actors in the city. There are references in other cities and the results have been favorable, we hope, in that sense, it forecasts a better future for Valparaíso. ”   

Likewise, it was emphasized by the president of the Music Industry Union IMUVA, Matías Mancisidor, «Until today, a cultural element had never been placed as a strategic element for a society to develop and that is something very new and contemporary. The musical city is not just about finding the best conditions for musicians and the music sector, that is the old way of thinking. The grace of this is that it has a broader conception, of seeing how music can energize other economic sectors and artistic expressions. ” 


Musical city 

 Valparaíso already has the attributes to be recognized as a musical city, now the work must focus on the development of a model, which implies the revitalization of various sectors. Unesco’s designation is a milestone which encourages this transformation to take place.   

In the presentation of “Valparaíso, Puerto de Musicas”, the importance of cherishing the historical view was highlighted, for which there is already a developing line of work that allows recovering and valuing the history of music in Valparaíso and its intimate relationship with the development of the city.   

On the other hand, the current music scene in Valparaíso was analyzed and presented, sharing some figures of the mapping of the musical activity in the city, carried out by Fanear Labs with data collected between 2015 and 2017. This called the attention to the strong presence of active musicians, totaling 1,753; the existence of 117 locations for live music and a record of 1,149 events. Furthermore, the presence of Valparaíso’s artists in foreign circuits reaches 161 live performances.   

In order to apply to Unesco, the work plan is now to focus on the design of the project initiatives, for which it is expected that the various actors and representatives of organizations, institutions, associations and guilds of the different sectors, work together in a collaborative way.  

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