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The invitation to participate in this contest is open to all those who have or can build a portfolio of professional photographs of the Valparaíso music scene. Material will be received until Sunday, September 23.
Rehearsal rooms, concerts, festivals, orchestras, street musicians, bars, are just some examples of the images that this photographic campaign seeks to compile, which aims to build a photographic bank that represents the diverse musical scene of the city of Valparaíso, and that transmits its musical vocation.
Professional photographers, communication and advertising agencies, among others, and also any natural person may participate, building a portfolio containing a minimum of 25 images, which could be from different authors.
The portfolio that best represents the heterogeneity of the city's music sector will be chosen; This decision will be in charge of the Executive Secretariat of Valparaíso, Puerto de Música which is made up of the Culture Department of the Illustrious Municipality of Valparaíso, the IMUVA Musical Guild, the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, through the Rock and Popular Music Schools program; and the Valparaíso Creative program.
The contest closes on Sunday, September 23.

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