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The session led by the Seremi of Cultures, Constance Harvey, was attended by the executive secretary of the Music Council, Camila Gallardo, and representatives of the Municipality of Valparaíso, IMUVA and the "Valparaíso Creativo" program. The initiative will be presented to Unesco on June 30.

Creating a strategic and collaborative plan between public and private institutions for the postulation of Valparaíso as a musical city for Unesco, was the objective of the meeting held by the Seremi of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of the Valparaíso Region, Constance Harvey , together with the Council for the Promotion of National Music of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, the Municipality of Valparaíso, the Guild Association of the Music Industry of the Region of Valparaíso (IMUVA) and the strategic program of Corfo "Creative Valparaíso".

Seremi Constance Harvey, declared that:

“We are very grateful for this session with the Board of the Music Council held in Valparaíso, where all the advisors have come and we were able to present to them the application of Valparaíso to the Network of Creative Cities of Unesco, since this contributes to the fulfillment of our music policies in promoting the integration of communes from Chile to international circuits of musical cities. We do this work together with the Municipality of Valparaíso, Valparaíso Creativo, IMUVA and the Ministry of Cultures as well. The objective of this meeting is to see how and through what programs we can support the execution of a plan for Valparaíso as a musical city ”.

In addition, Carlos Cabezas, member of the Music Council, said that:

“This idea of ​​the application of Valparaíso as a musical city is an idea that strengthens, and makes the different views of the Port work together. It is something that is being done elsewhere and it helps us as a community and to develop common ideas for the development of these projects. ”

Meanwhile, Isabella Monsó, Director of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Valparaíso, said that:

“As Citizen City Hall we want to thank the Music Council for learning about the project in which we have been working on for more than a year in a coordinated way between the institutions (…). That has been the intention of all the application work, we are currently in the process of formulating and generating alliances for the nomination that is already dated June 30 and, of course, new participative workdays to exhibit the design work built in a collaborative way between the music sector, public and private institutions. They are all cordially invited to be attentive to the calls to be part of this last phase of application. ”

Lastly, Héctor Leiva, Regional Deputy Director of Corfo Valparaíso, said that:

“We believe that Valparaíso has all the potential to be recognized as a city of music, because it is one of the industries that contributes more in this city with events, spaces and a creative hotbed. Obviously we have many challenges to face regarding giving a formula that allows musicians to be sustainable and that every day they can generate income for them, as well as for the city, the commune of Valparaíso, and also to everything that moves around it, as it is with tourism ». 

Valparaíso, Music Port

It is a public-private initiative that seeks to develop Valparaíso as a musical city and also integrates the Network of Creative Cities of Unesco, which currently consists of 180 cities around the world in different areas of creativity. In the case of Valparaíso, it wants to obtain the denomination in the creative area of ​​music and the designation of "Creative City of Music".

There has been a chance to collaboratively work with the Municipality of Valparaíso, through its Directory of Culture; the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage; the Guild Association of the Music Industry of the Valparaíso region (IMUVA); and the regional strategic program promoted by Corfo, “Valparaíso Creativo”. Periodically, they have gathered to position Valparaíso as a creative city at an institutional and citizen level.

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