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After almost three years of working in public and private alliance, the “Puerto de Musicas” project seeks to place music at the center of a development model for the city, which positions Valparaíso nationally and internationally as a creative city.

With the presence of historical artists of the port such as Lucy Aviles, Pancho Sazo and Hugo Pirovich of the Congress group; and contemporaries such as Mora Lucay and Cabro Chico MC, Mayor Jorge Sharp made the submission of Valparaíso's postulation to the Network of Creative Cities of Unesco, in its category of Musical City, ending a long process of diagnostic work and planning that seeks to harness the potential of music for the sustainable development of the city.

For the implementation of the “Puerto de Música” project, co-designed by the Municipality, through its Directory of Culture, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the Music Industry Association of the region (IMUVA) and the strategic program of Corfo "Valparaíso Creativo", it was announced the creation of two organizations responsible for promoting different initiatives with a focus on four points: Revitalization of the sector, Tourism, Education and Community.

In this way, a participatory governance will be constituted, through a Citizen Council of Music, to which various actors of the city's musical ecosystem will be convened, belonging to the public, private, academic and civil society. Also, a Music Office will be created, based on international experiences.

“Valparaiso has scripts that will justify this application. The fact that Unesco declares us as a Musical City opens the city, from the perspective of economy, employment, culture, international placement, from the perspective of the opportunities that Valparaíso artists will have, a gigantic universe of possibilities. ”

In addition, Juan Carlos Silva, Subsecretary of Cultures and Arts said that:

“The application of Valparaíso as a Creative City of Unesco does justice to its history. Since its origin and from its privileged location, it has been the gateway to different traditions, cultures and worldviews. Here, the Royal Orchestra was created, the first national jazz band. Mauricio Redolés debuted here, Louis Armstrong performed. Valparaíso has configured an intense and diverse cultural landscape. Thanks to this interinstitutional effort we can position creativity and cultural industries at the center of its development plan ».

The president of Imuva, Matías Mancisidor, as the voice of the musical union of the region, declared:

“We hope that with this nomination and with this articulated work, other sectors can be revitalized, such as tourism, social areas and, of course, growth and strength for the music sector, musicians, music industry, event producers and regional record labels ”.

Finally, the regional director of Corfo, Juan Acuña, also expressed his support for the nomination highlighting that:

«Valparaíso has all the potential to be recognized as a creative city of music, it is an industry that contributes significantly to the city. In this way, we see a tremendous development opportunity for the country, and, as Corfo, we want to support creative cities transversally as we believe in the existing creative capital in Chile »

“We believe that Valparaíso has all the potential to be recognized as a city of music, because it is one of the industries that contributes more in this city with events, spaces and a creative hotbed. Obviously we have many challenges to face regarding giving a formula that allows musicians to be sustainable and that every day they can generate income for them, as well as for the city, the commune of Valparaíso, and also to everything that moves around it, as it is with tourism ». 

Nowadays, Valparaíso has established itself as a city of festivals, developing more than 2,000 live music performances a year. Furthermore, the music scene is made up of more than 600 local musicians and there is an international projection, more than 160 concerts of local musicians are performed abroad. The current network is made up of 180 Creative cities, 30 of music, five in Latin America and one in Chile that is Frutillar. For more information on the project you can visit the website www.puertodemusicas.cl www.puertodemusicas.cl

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